Management Skills for Nursing | Earn 2 CPD Points

Management Skills for Nursing

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Healthcare Professionals

Management skills are required for all Nursing staff irrespective of discipline, role, function or seniority. Managerial skills are required to maintain the standard of care and ethical behaviour in providing services to clients. A nursing leader may not be a good manager. But a Nurse Manager has to be a good leader. Nurse Managers should provide leadership and ensure the unit or department runs smoothly.

The Nurse managerial role includes planning, organizing, staffing, directing, coordinating and controlling to accomplish work expectations. Updated clinical skills and knowledge are also important for a Nurse Manager for efficient execution of policy and procedures.

To enable Nurses to gain or improve the skills required to adopt and function efficiently in a managerial role.

Learning Outcomes

Do planning as the first and fundamental function of management

Use appropriate time management techniques

Discuss work expectations while conducting the meeting appropriately

Evaluate performance and provide constructive feed back to the team

Build team effectiveness

Solve professional risks

Maximise professional competence.

CPD Points

2 Points

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2 Hours (Self-Paced)

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